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Our first class attorneys and excellent administrative staff are dedicated to providing individualized and cost-effective service.

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Practice Areas

Hudak, Shunk & Farine Co. LPA is dedicated to helping define and meet the specific needs of its clients with respect to obtaining, evaluating, licensing, exploiting, and protecting IP assets that include domestic and foreign patents, trademarks and copyrights, and encompass business considerations tangential to these property rights. For more than thirty-one years, we have built a diverse practice that includes global prosecution of patents; securing world-wide trademark rights; negotiating global licensing; acting as litigation counsel for patent and trademark plaintiffs and defendants; and helping entities from established industry-leading companies to new ventures define and meet their business objectives relating to IP assets through cost-effective cultivation of IP portfolios.

Each client possesses unique technology, and therefore specialized needs, to which we tailor our counseling. Our attorneys take pride in studying and learning our clients’ businesses and technologies so that we can better evaluate and provide strategic counseling with respect to their business decisions and intellectual property portfolios. Our analysis can also extend to monitoring competitor’s portfolios in order to assist clients with strategies for current and proposed products and future growth and development.


Our patent practice involves many different services, including:
  • Utility patent application preparation, filing, and prosecution
  • Design patent application preparation, filing, and prosecution
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filing and prosecution
  • 35 U.S.C. Section 371 US national phase Patent Cooperation Treaty entry and bypass filings and prosecution
  • USPTO appeal, reexamination and reissue proceedings
  • Formal and informal legal opinions including patentability opinions, freedom to operate opinions, infringement opinions, and validity and invalidity opinions
  • Portfolio management and development
  • Due diligence studies
  • Licensing
  • Infringement litigation support
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Patent audits

We offer practical, cost-effective approaches for various trademark issues that our clients may encounter.  Our trademark services include:
  • Trademark Application filing and prosecution
  • Clearance searches and opinions
  • Trade dress examinations
  • Trademark opposition
  • Trademark litigation
  • Trademark licensing
  • Portfolio management
  • Trademark litigation
  • Unfair competition and dilution analysis

Our services also include copyright filings, and registration.  We also provide copyright infringement analysis and associated defenses such as “fair use”.

Industry Experience

In view of the educational backgrounds and industrial as well as the legal experience of our attorneys, we are able to support clients in various industries, including:

Academic Research            Medical Devices
Automotive Metals and Mining
Chemicals Milling Technology
Coatings Nanotechnology
Consumer Products            Oil and Gas
Corrosion Inhibition            Pharmaceutical
Elastomers Plasticizers
Flame Retardants Polymers
Industrial Processing Technology
Liquid Cyrstals and Devices Rubber Processing Technology
Manufacturing Textile and Fibers
Mechanical Technology Transportation

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